Turbo Poker: Winning Tips and Tricks for Online Poker

In a Turbo Tournament, the blinds will increase extremely rapidly. The blinds in a regular poker tournament increase about every 12-15 minutes. For a turbo-tournament, blinds are increased every say 3-6 mins. This means that turbo tournaments are up to 4 times faster than regular tournaments. Do you know how to integrate this four times as fast into your game? Do you mean that rtp slot gacor this means playing more hands or something else? No.
When you “smallball” in an everyday tournament, other people feel slightly woozy. When you make a strong Flop, it’s important to bet the same amount. In the beginning levels, the blinds will not match the average stack, and so it makes sense from a risk-reward/Return on Investment perspective. You can use your normal playing style in an ordinary tournament, but not in a “turbo” one. Although the number of blinds increases, it does not affect how many hands are played. For example, if you played 60 hands on the first 4 levels of a standard tournament, then you would only play 15 hands. The majority of them, however, will you fold.

What are the hands you will not fold?

You know the answer: A-A. K-K. Q-Q.

– At the start of your game, it is worth experimenting with connectors, because opponents may be scared to play with weak aces or kings.

You can also add smaller pairs of pocket cards (A-x) or K-10 to your arsenal if x is more than 10.

Why? If you choose not to play, you will be devoured by the blinds!

The other players will fold when you all-in on a different range of hands from what they are used to playing in normal tournaments. When you call, you might be on the classic coin-flip if there is a pair in your hand. Or you might be considered a favorite with A-x(x>10) if it’s an Ace that has some weakness. And you would have K-x and Q x as two of your live cards. At the end of levels, the majority of play will occur preflop. Think of it as a series or crapshoots. You can still take advantage postflop aggression even in the later levels. Imagine that you are on the button holding K-x. You think the two other players have weak cards. It’s a scary flop (for example, A-8-3). Then you are allowed to bet. But you can still bet when both your opponents check and you do not have any cards. If you have the position, then it is up to you whether other players are in possession of something. You can move in all the way with K-x and Q-x if your chips are sinking near the bubble. The vast majority of time, you’ll be playing live. You will find that others will hesitate to contact you, because they are unsure of what you hold. They could end up losing money if they get it wrong (or if your luck is in).

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